March 25, 2017. Phil, his father, and friend Jesse move a wood-burining stove into place outside the Taber family home in Hampton, New Brunswick. Phil is the first of his immediate family to go to university; he now works as a librarian. However, the family farm has become his passion. 
 April 4, 2017. Dr. Katy Haralampides (centre), who teaches civil and geological engineering, began the cardboard boat race as a class project to teach students about the fundamentals of design.
 A solider in dress uniform walks through a quiet downtown Fredericton. 
 July 16, 2015. Drivers rest between races at the Fredericton Raceway. Harness racing has been in decline in Fredericton, with the 2016 season seeing only three races, and 2017 seeing only one as part of the annual exhibition.