Seoul Streets / by Adam Travis

Seoul is a mix of old and new. Centuries-old temples and high-speed trains. Winding streets, packed with old brick buildings give way to wide avenues filled with buses, scooters and the latest Korean and German cars. Ultra-dense blocks of buildings, their forms obscured by neon advertisements and cluttered boutique windows, are shadowed by modern glass towers. All this dichotomy makes for an endlessly interesting place to photograph. Adding to the interest is the light in the city. Skyscrapers cast streets into darkness and light up others with glittering, reflected light. Slivers of sun pierce their way into the packed backstreets, highlighting slivers of the street. 

Visiting during Seollal had the added benefit of emptying some people from the streets, making it easier to walk around. The Lunar New Year sets off a massive pilgrimage from Seoul to the countryside towns and cities so many of its residents hail from. As a result, buses were almost empty, (some) streets felt wider and corners of the city were as quiet as a metropolis of its size can be. 

Enjoy a few shots of Seoul, as I saw it, below.