Winter's End / by Adam Travis

I got a letter from my aunt yesterday. She doesn't have a computer, so it's the easiest way of staying in touch. It's also a nice surprise to come home to something in the mailbox that isn't a bill or a menu I can't quite understand. Back home, she writes, March has been bleak. Back-to-back nor'easters and a fresh mountain of snow have her — and many others, I imagine —wondering if winter will actually end.

Last week, it hit 20°C. Today in Korea, it's going to be 18°C. This month, it's also snowed, rained, and we even had a thunderstorm. To close out the month, next week is forecasted to be the beginning of cherry blossom season! So while the weather here is just as unpredictable, I'll take rain showers and 20°C temperatures over a late-winter snowstorm any day. 

It wasn't so long ago, though, that these streets were windswept by frigid air, and clumps of wet snow drifted down from the sky. Korean winters come nowhere close to the emotional toll a long New Brunswick winter takes, but they can certainly be rough in their own way (I've never felt so cold at only -5°C).

Looking back through these photos of snow-covered streets dotted with footprints, I can't say I'm feeling much nostalgia. As lovely as the snow can be, I've had my fill of it for this year.