Seoul Food / by Adam Travis

When our co-workers asked us what we would be doing in Seoul over the long weekend, our answer was 'food.' The gamut of Korean street food is large and wide and even varies by region. But for sheer variety, it's hard to beat Namdaemun Market in Seoul. 

After hopping off the KTX and busing to our hotel, we immediately headed over to the market for a street food crawl. Early in the afternoon, there was only a handful of stalls open. But after a sightseeing walk and coffee break, we dove back in and found a whole block of the market had filled up with food vendors and we spent the rest of the afternoon hopping from one stall to the next.

The next day, we paid a visit to an old friend, Isaac Toast. These shops specialize in egg and toast sandwiches, with marinated meat, crispy potato, cabbage and their signature sauce as toppings. We were nervous that not much would be open since it was Seollal weekend, Korea's lunar new year holiday. But reliable as always, the Isaac in Myeongdong shopping district was open, with dozens lined up outside. 

That afternoon, we headed to Itaewon, Seoul's foreign district. The food in Gwangju is good, but options for non-Korean food are limited. Being able to eat around the world in a day is something we had taken for granted in Canada.