Gwangju Streets / by Adam Travis

Moving from a province with a population of 753,000 to a city of 1.6 million has been a bit surreal. But ignore the towering rows of apartment blocks and the tree-lined streets and quiet sidewalks of our neighborhood wouldn’t look out of place back home – with some sign translations of course.

Hop on a city bus, though, and you step off into the middle of the packed downtown core. Pedestrian-only* streets are almost shoulder-to-shoulder at peak times. Choosing a restaurant, store or coffee shop can immediately set off a feeling of choice paralysis. Markets bustle, packed with everything from hanboks (traditional Korean dresses) to sundae (blood sausage stuffed with noodles), spices, and housewares. 

All this to say, there are lots of moments to take photos of, even if I haven’t been taking my camera out as often as I might like. Keep scrolling and check out a few black-and-white shots omitted from the last post, and a few taken in the week since.

*dodging scooters is a key skill for any downtown excursion. 

20170917-untitled shoot2740.jpg
20170916-untitled shoot2699.jpg
20170916-untitled shoot2726.jpg
20170831-untitled shoot2584.jpg
20170831-untitled shoot2587.jpg