Looking Back: October / by Adam Travis

Lightroom tells me I took over 2,000 photos this month, including a wedding, UNB homecoming, a couples photoshoot, 48-Hour Film Fest and a photo a day all month – on top of putting together a newspaper and fifth-year course load, I had a full plate. Here's the month that was October in eight photos:

Working with the creative team at the Brunswickan this year has been fantastic and resulted in some awesome collaborations for cover.

I had the opportunity to work as a second shooter at a wedding with Rob Blanchard. Having the freedom to shoot what I wanted and focus on little moments was awesome, but I’ll definitely need some more comfortable footwear.

Getting home for Thanksgiving was a welcome break, and left me with a photo I ended up printing off on a big sheet of canvas which is now sitting on top of the sofa.

A candid family photoshoot at the peak of fall in Fredericton.

Lighting has always been a weak point of mine, but practice makes perfect. Homemade flash modifiers are another great way of figuring out my lighting style and are a great way to contribute to a photo a day.

Pictures about movies. Video has been basically untouched by me since I picked up a camera – except for a few projects in high school. My goal for this month will be to shoot a couple short clips of video and post them on Instagram. With a little work, video might soon be a part of my toolbox. 

October sunrises made the early morning gym session worth it.

Keeping a camera on-hand gives you the opportunity to capture moments, even when you stumble across them by accident.