Fall Family Photos / by Adam Travis

Anybody who has followed my work for a while will know that family photo shoots aren’t my bread and butter. But when Annie and Jeremy - newcomers to the east coast - got in touch about a family photo shoot, I couldn’t say no.

For me, nothing is easier than saying “be yourself,” sitting back, and shooting away. For the most part, my style is very hands-off, but that’s the shoot they were looking for!

We drove out to Garden Creek Falls and introduced Nahele, Moraine, and Cedar to the New Brunswick foliage – much to Moraine’s delight.

Watching the kids play with their parents and drop leaves into the brook, time flew by. Between the golden fall light, gorgeous scenery, and fantastic subjects, it was no problem to put together a great set of photos. 

My favourite part of candid shoots is definitely the emotion. Most people's feelings around group photos aren't the greatest, but being able to look back at a photo and see the feeling, well, that's something few group shots can do. I'm glad I got to welcome Annie and Jeremy's family to the province, and glad we caught fall at its peak!