Week 8 by Adam Travis

 “Are you ready to get smacked in the face with city?” asked Brianna as we got ready to step out off the airport express train.  I wasn’t entirely sure what my answer would be. The first half of the week felt a little longer than usual, knowing vacation was so close. We left for Tokyo on Thursday, and spent the last four days exploring and eating our way through it. 

Tokyo definitely feels massive. From the top of the Tokyo  Metopolitan Building, the city stretches out to the horizon in a never-ending field of twinkling lights. You can ride an train for an hour then get off in a part of the city just as busy as where you got on. I’ll have more to say when it’s all done and I’m back in Korea, but until then, here’s Week 8 on iPhone.

Week 7 by Adam Travis

Another week of 34-degree weather and tons of humidity, with no end in sight.  This week, I finally got around to snapping a picture of a gate along the route of my morning run. The morning light and hazy path has caught my eye a few times, but it finally stopped me in my tracks this Tuesday. Next week is a short one at school, as we head off to Japan for our summer vacation! 

Week 6 by Adam Travis

Monsoon season and it's unpredictable weather seems to have come to a close. In its place is a never-ending stretch of near 40-degree heat. Going outside between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. is asking to get melted like a 50-cent ice cream cone on the scorching sidewalk. Let's hope this handheld fan keeps me kickin' until next week. 

30 to 365 by Adam Travis

Last month, I rolled over in bed, took out my phone, and snapped a picture of my laptop. Taking inspiration from another photographer in Korea, @jtiniksan, I decided right then to begin a 30-day photo challenge: 1 month, 30 photos, iPhone only and all in black and white. 

The best camera is the one you have on you. Though not every picture was stunning, I came out of the month with a journal of sorts. I also shot a lot of moments I wouldn't normally have captured, like the view from a run or from under a desk at school - times I don't normally have a 'proper' camera on me. 

After a month of shooting on iPhone, I've decided to keep going. Whether I get to 365 or not remains to be seen, but I've really enjoyed the practice so far. 

Rain and Shine on Jeju Island by Adam Travis

We finished work at 6:00 PM last Friday. By 8:30 PM, we had landed in Jeju City and were on our way to dinner. We wouldn't be leaving until Tuesday morning, planning to get back just in time for work. A full weekend getaway.

Jeju is a volcanic island off the southern coast of South Korea and is incredibly popular with native Koreans and foreign tourists alike. About 15 million tourists visit the island each year, whose native population is 660,000. It's easy to see why the island is so popular: lush landscapes, the highest mountain in Korea, white, sandy beaches and delicious seafood are all here. 

With a hotel downtown, some tasty restaurants lined up and a tour of eastern Jeju on the agenda, we were excited a weekend away from Gwangju.

The only catch was the weather. For days we had been hoping the forecast of rain would miraculously lift for our weekend, but that wasn't the case. All of Sunday and much of Monday was spent in the rain (which ranged from a gentle mist to umbrella-inverting, gusty, downpours). Thankfully, the rain held off for Saturday, allowing us to soak up some sun at a beachside cafe.

Keep scrolling and check out some of my favorite shots from this weekend away.