Week 17 by Adam Travis

Recognizing what you’re grateful for can come unexpectedly. Maybe it’s meeting the gaze of a loved one, your pet waiting for you when you come home, or digging into your favourite home-cooked dish. This Saturday, it was stepping out of my apartment into crisp fall air - the chill intermittently broken by patches of tree-filtered sunshine. To say it felt like a metaphor would be a bit much, but it was a nice treat after a week of grey and rain.

My week was spent training for work; I started my first solo shift yesterday. It’s interesting, exciting and a little daunting, but if I’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that I can handle a challenge.

Here’s to Week 17.

Week 16 by Adam Travis

The first chill in the air has been quickly replaced by hand-stinging cold, there’s tinges of red and yellow through the woods, and I’ve finally started a job! I’ve always thought fall was the true season of change: a new school year for some, or this year, an excuse to buy a new planner for me. It’s a relief to be starting work, though. After sorting out all the little details of moving in, I was beginning to feel like I had a bit too much time on my hands.

I capped off the week with a weekend trip to visit my sister in Fredericton. I hadn’t seen Robyn in over a year - her school schedule didn’t allow for a visit when I first got back in Canada. A trip to the market, a couple tasty dinners, and some plant shopping made for a relaxing couple days before a week of training at work.

This is Week 16.

Week 15 by Adam Travis

I can’t believe I’ve been in Halifax for two weeks today - it still feels like I just got here. Week 15 was all about trying to get back on track: finally shaking off those 12 hours of jetlag, dealing with a lingering cold, getting back into running regularly, and heading out for an interview a day. Some notable moments from the week included soaking up the sun on the Halifax waterfront with a book in-hand, a running workout at a fog-shrouded field, and (finally!) getting our couch.

Week 14 by Adam Travis

At a gas station on the outskirts of Truro, on the way to Halifax, my car broke down. Click, click, nothing. Thankfully I got a boost (and a few more throughout the week) and made it to Halifax in one piece. Between interviews, getting a much-needed haircut, moving in and a trip to IKEA, it was an exciting week getting settled into my new home city.

Week 13 by Adam Travis

So between leaving Korea and moving to Halifax, these updates kind of fell off the boat. Thankfully, I’ve managed to keep taking a photo a day (more or less). Week 13 was spent saying goodbye, saying hello, and heaving four full-sized suitcases around train stations, airports and the backs of cars. I spent a lot of this week in transit: from Gwangju to Incheon, to Vancouver, Toronto and finally Halifax. By the time Brianna and I landed at 1:00 AM Saturday, I was a zombie. After the sun rose and a filling Big Stop breakfast with my parents, we drove back up to Miramichi for a day, then paid a visit to the beach in Bathurst. The next day, I headed out to Halifax.

Week 12 by Adam Travis

When I wrote my last post about rainy season in Gwangju, I didn't expect to actually call back the rain. This weekend saw the return of downpours. As I write this, I'm trying to dry out my journal, my backpack is still dripping and I'm starting to question whether or not my Daiso umbrella can handle much more. 

I kicked off last week with an allergic reaction like I've never had before: a day full of sneezing, a runny nose and puffy eyes. On Thursday, we faced down a typhoon; thankfully the damage was limited to a few tree branches. And on Saturday, our last weekend in Korea, we spent four hours dancing with PSY. Sunday was occupied by cleaning, packing and a lot of rest for my tired feet. 

This week is my last in Korea: on Thursday we hop on a train to Seoul after school, and on Friday afternoon we fly to Canada. But that's next week. For now, here's Week 12. 

Rainy Season in Gwangju by Adam Travis

Rainy season has been over for weeks now. Torrential downpours and unpredictable weather now replaced by a never-ending stretch of heat and humidity. But with a typhoon approaching later this week, it seemed like an apt time to share some photos off a roll of film from this summer that had been forgotten.